2019 Volvo Electric Supercar Review & Changes

2019 Volvo Electric Supercar Review & Changes – If the desire for the Volvo Polestar Manufactured S60 is any indicator of Volvo’s electrified acceptance, it only is a good idea for the automaker to produce an electric supercar that may come to be the brand’s halo giving. Or possibly we are just dreaming. Information about Volvo’s electric future is not new or rare. Previously nowadays we noted on a new trademark submitting that may tip at future Volvo EVs. The rendering we certainly have in this article is an electric supercar that borrows some design cues from the Polestar Manufactured S60. Even though it is not a full EV, it is a 415-horsepower hybrid, which is a darn great start towards an all EV future.

Volvo Electric Supercar 2019 Volvo Electric Supercar Review & Changes

Volvo Electric Supercar

Up front, we now have Volvo’s company grille and logo – and what presents itself to be some type of customization that lamps up. The headlights – very much finer compared to what the company at present utilizes – preserves a touch of the Thor’s Hammer styling element that is come to be renowned of the brand. The hood is low, bulging upwards towards the base of the windscreen, resembling the overstated wheel arch.

Volvo Electric Supercar Specs 2019 Volvo Electric Supercar Review & Changes

Volvo Electric Supercar Specs

Transferring back, the raked windscreen moves into what presents itself to be a fastback design with the garden greenhouse silhouette cascading into the rear fender design. We never know for confident since we cannot see the rear end. The way the car is situated in the rendering will make it look to have a wide back end, with the rear wheels, moved out significantly to the edges of the car, that could be a design decision to always keep the battery packs as low as probable in the chassis to enhance coping with.

Volvo Electric Supercar Interior 2019 Volvo Electric Supercar Review & Changes

Volvo Electric Supercar Interior

At the moment, this is practically nothing more than just vaporware. It is an idea which makes feeling to fanatics, but most likely will not make economic sensation for the Swedish luxury automaker. EVs are pricey to design and expert, and individuals expenses are then handed down to the client. If Volvo actually determines to make an EV supercar, it will probably be years down the road as soon as fees are manageable and performance absolutely nothing simple of impressive.